Your Base In China

It is TCO’s mission to provide a platform for our global importing customers to assist their China manufacturing operation by:
• Increasing: Transparency, Efficiency, Simplicity
• Reducing: Errors, Miscommunication, Deception
• Improving: Lead times, Product quality, Organization

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Social Audit

Social Audit raises the standards of workers in developing nations and ensures that you are contributing to the solution and not to the problem. TCO can check whether or not your potential supplier partner abides by social, health and safety standards. This matters to you and it matters to your customers and end consumers. Do the right thing!

TCO Social Compliance Audit includes the following:
Health and Safety Standards
Compensation and Over Time Pay
Working hours
Working Environment
Child Labor
Forced Labor

TCO knows Social Audit. Because we are Western managed, we know the importance of the social and humanitarian aspect of international trade and stand by our customers and international organizations to encourage fair business practices.By using TCO Social Compliance service, your company can know the real situation for fair practice in the factory.