Your Base In China

It is TCO’s mission to provide a platform for our global importing customers to assist their China manufacturing operation by:
• Increasing: Transparency, Efficiency, Simplicity
• Reducing: Errors, Miscommunication, Deception
• Improving: Lead times, Product quality, Organization

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Sample Consolidation

In order to evaluate and consolidate your sample order:

1. Receive instruction from our customer
2. Contact supplier(s) by phone
3. Instruct suppliers to send samples to the office
4. Make small rmb payments from our customers’ cash account
5. Consolidate samples and ship by express to address of customer”s choosing

There are many advantages to using TCO to consolidate your samples:

1. Quick check for quality before express fees are wasted by sending over a faulty sample

2. Big savings on the number of international wiring fees
3. We speak the language and can make the arrangements with many factories at the same time
4. Because of the high volumes we send out every week TCO gets great discounts on express fees from the major express companies out there including Fed Ex, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc. We pass these savings on to you