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It is TCO’s mission to provide a platform for our global importing customers to assist their China manufacturing operation by:
• Increasing: Transparency, Efficiency, Simplicity
• Reducing: Errors, Miscommunication, Deception
• Improving: Lead times, Product quality, Organization

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Online Sellers

Do you buy product from China for your eBay or Amazon seller account?

Do you conduct your own quality control in-house in your home country?

Do you trust your China supplier to conduct QC checks on your products?

Have you ever received defective products from China suppliers?

How costly is it to replace or refund your eBay/Amazon buyers when the product is defective?

TCO China has the solution for eBay/Amazon Dropshippers and Sellers – affordable Quality Control for wholesale purchases conducted in China!  What you can expect from a TCO inspection:

1. Professional In-House Inspectors
2. Precision Inspections based on TCO standardized inspection criteria
3. Accurate Inspection Reports with comments and photos within 24 hours of delivery to our location
4. Clear communication on condition of your product
5. Affordable rates
6. Discount rates for shipping from our office/warehouse in China to you

Our mission is to prevent quality problems while protecting your interests when working with China suppliers.  Our pricing starts at a very reasonable $50!

Email us at  See below for more details:


How do we use the service?

1. Fill out Inspection Submission Form, send to

2. Our team will check your form and send back a Criteria List for tests to be run on the inspection. You can edit this list if you have special requirements.

3. After inspection occurs, TCO will send back the Inspection Report within 24 hours.

How can we make payments to TCO Online Sellers Inspection?

We prefer payments through Paypal.  If other payment methods are needed please let us know.

What will TCO Inspections do if they detect defect products in my order?

We will send defect samples back to supplier at their cost.  The number of defect items will be shown in Inspection Report.

How does TCO Inspections determine the correct sample size for testing?

Sample sizes vary according to order quantities, product category and needs of the buyer.  After reviewing the Inspection Submission Form, TCO eBay Inspections will offer a suggested sample size and quotation.

● By what standards will TCO test my product?

We will provide the Criteria List for your product’s product category for your review.  Feedback on QC tests performed based on criteria will be in Inspection Report.

Will my supplier information be protected by TCO?

Yes. We are committed to protecting the supplier sources of our customers!  We will not share any supplier information or details to another other party.

What other services can TCO provide that might either reduce risk or costs on my orders?

1. Inspections

2. Supplier Identification & Evaluation

● What other services can TCO provide that might add additional value to my online business?

1. Shipping discounts – our high volumes allow us great discounts

2. Repackaging – Differentiate by customizing your own brand, increasing your eBay/Amazon presence and sales prices for your product

3. Design – our in-house/outsourced design team

● Where will the inspections take place?

TCO Online Sellers Inspection will take place in our office or warehouse located in Shenzhen, China.

● What are the qualifications of TCO Inspectors?

Inspectors for TCO Online Sellers Inspection must pass our strict requirements for excellence.  Our inspectors must:

College degree

3 or more years’ QC experience

Mandarin and English speakers

● Why TCO?

TCO is an experienced quality control and order control enterprise with extensive experience in China working with Chinese factories and overseas buyers to ensure buyers get what they order in the state that they expect.

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