Your Base In China

It is TCO’s mission to provide a platform for our global importing customers to assist their China manufacturing operation by:
• Increasing: Transparency, Efficiency, Simplicity
• Reducing: Errors, Miscommunication, Deception
• Improving: Lead times, Product quality, Organization

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  • Jimmy Kroger
    "TCO's Administrative Services save us hundreds every month. In my premiums business I buy 50 samples per month from 20 different factories. I have TCO
  • Bonnie Franks
    "It is important for me to have an inspections company I can rely on to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Because we make
  • Jack James
    "I've been buying in China for over 15 years. As my business has grown, I had a growing need for a servicing partner I could

5 Steps for Quality From China

  1. Create Master Standards
  2. Pre Production Samples
  3. Final Inspection
  4. Training
  5. Good Chinese Factories

Company Profile

Vision We help companies buying from China suppliers execute their China-based production operation in a more transparent and controlled way by providing the most efficient, comprehensive, and customer-focused Communications Hub (TCO Order Zone or TCO Order Management Center) in the world to improve the trading process and increase honesty, integrity and excellence in international trade – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. more

What we can do for you

Our service offerings can be broken down into 5 distinct categories to help you conduct your China business in a better way:
• Supplier Investigation
• Procurement Advice
• Order Follow-up
• Quality Control
• Secretary Service

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Our People

Although TCO China depends on perfected systems to assist you in managing your China operation, it is our people that make things the difference. Each level of our human resources is focused on providing our customers with more open communication and more control on their orders and products. From our on-the-ground inspectors, to our attentive Account Executives, to our integrated Operations Team to our Management Team and Shareholders – our people strategy is simple – We work together to be “Your Base In China” and increase customers overall productivity in their China operations.

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About Us

In its infancy, the founders of TCO, with our many years of facilitating manufacturing orders in China, saw consistencies and trends with foreign customers and Chinese suppliers – misunderstandings, lack of transparency, geographical and ideological differences, which sometimes lead to mistrust and disappointment. Upon conception, our desire was to create an information hub system (TCO In Sync) between buyer and supplier to help our customers overseas control their orders more tightly and systematically than ever before, in every step of the manufacturing process, with access to information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The TCO Product and Order Control System has worked wonders for dozens of our clients to date and it is one we are proud of.

So, now in the 2010s we will continue to not only navigate through the uncertainties of wars, exchange rate fluctuations, concerns about capacity of natural resources and how that affects prices of products, government policies, etc – but it is our duty to our customers to consider how to also navigate through them. See how TCO China can help your business today!