Your Base In China

It is TCO’s mission to provide a platform for our global importing customers to assist their China manufacturing operation by:
• Increasing: Transparency, Efficiency, Simplicity
• Reducing: Errors, Miscommunication, Deception
• Improving: Lead times, Product quality, Organization

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Why us
  • Let’s face it
    Doing business in China is not all its cracked up to be. A few wrong steps in production or miscommunication can cause serious problems for your bottom line and even worse – your reputation. TCO was created with our buyer partners in mind. Our unique approach to providing the essential integrated services for our buyer partners has proven to be an integral part of doing successful business here.
  • TCO Integrated Services
    TCO offers international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security and knowledge in ordering from Chinese factories. Through every step of the process TCO has the expertise and professionalism to prevent surprises. One or a combination of our integrated services including might be right for you.
  • TCO In-Sync
    TCO In-Sync allows buyers to maintain organization and control over their orders in China. Web-based calendar with full production schedule projections, continually updated order status, payment updates and alerts, and online access to TCO Inspection Reports – these are some of the tools that help TCO customers stay organized on all orders.
Full Partnership

TCO offers international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security and knowledge in ordering from Chinese factories.

Supplier Investigation

Know your supply partners and how they conduct their business

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Procurement Advice

Know Comprehensive Suggestions for Cost, Design, Intellectual Property and Technical Capabilities

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Order Follow-up

Know the true status of your orders with Reminders, Updates and Solutions for delayed orders.

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Quality Control

Know the Quality Status of your Product at any point of the Production Process

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TCO helps you on every step of the order
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With years of experience and a professional team, we can quickly and accurately lock in the target product and competitive prices for you.

  • Sourcing

    With years of experience and a professional team, we can quickly and accurately lock in the target product and competitive prices for you.

  • Supplier Selection
    Supplier Selection

    To correctly identify a suitable supplier is a crucial step in business. Our professional service and many years of experience can help you easily find the best supplier for you.

  • Sampling and Ordering
    Sampling and Ordering

    Communication is our most important task. With correct understanding of your requirements and experience in crafting and production, we are able to satisfy your needs as efficiently as possible.

  • Production

    We track every detail confirmed between you and your supplier so that you enjoy TCO's meticulous, thoughtful, comprehensive and excellent service.

  • Shipment

    No Mistake, No Surprise is our aim. Your satisfaction with your products' quality and appreciation of TCO service are our highest honor.

Service Suggestion

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  • Saved by Package:US$ 0
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    Order Follow-up subjects to lead time in 30 days.
    Inspection standard is in default of AQL Level II,
    Major 2.5, Minor 4.
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What Makes Us Stand Out ?

Our Advantages

There are 5 key elements that make choosing TCO as Your Base In China a wise decision. Our advantages include:

Management – Western managed company operated in China.
People – Western managers, skilled local customer care specialists.
Experience – Over 20 years experience handling orders and managing China factories.
Services – With customizable packages, we meet with your specific needs.
Systems – In Sync provides the best platform our customers to get information on their business 24/7.

Your Benefits

TCO brings results. Some of the benefits our customers love include:

Time – We work on your behalf even when you’re sleeping.
Money – TCO pricing structures are very competitive and we help reduce overhead burdens drastically.
Convenience – Login to access your information on inspections, orders, schedule and updates.
Transparency – TCO offers a communications hub that allows you to see clearly your business ops in China.
Organization – TCO helps forecast steps for your orders from sampling to delivery in organized fashion.

Best Values

As Your Base in China, TCO is affordable and can help your company reduce operations costs.

Competitive Prices – Our customers pay less and get more.
Reduce Cost – Using our TCO In Sync system in tandem with our professional customer service and inspections team, companies can reduce costs considerably. TCO creates a culture of treating your business as if it were our own business and paying attention to the details on reducing costs.
Added Values – TCO can leverage our automated In Sync system with the benefits of lower relative overhead costs to pass savings on to our customers.

Satisfied Customers

“I’ve been buying in China for over 15 years. As my business has grown, I had a growing need for a servicing partner I could trust to represent my needs locally in China. With TCO China, I’m still in control of my orders and suppliers, but I have a team in China looking after my affairs. China Inspections, China Sourcing, Quality Control Services – TCO saves me headaches and they save me money! Keep up the good work!”

Jack James — Springfield, IL

“It is important for me to have an inspections company I can rely on to get the job done effectively and efficiently. more